Spirit of Madonna passionately expresses Madonna's ' on stage energy ' with a visually striking performance. She has a remarkable vocal accuracy that is delivered with the same charismatic flair as Madonna - the 'Queen of Pop'.

The 'Spirit of Madonna Show' is a somewhat cheeky performance, full of exuberance & outstanding dance routines this is an all round entertaining show. But not to be taken seriously, the Spirit of Madonna show is a very entertaining but 'tongue in cheek' performance.

TypicalReview -

" We just wanted to say thank you for putting on an excellent show.  We were really impressed by her performance and the efficiency with which the whole operation was carried out." - Janette, BAWA Club - Bristol, South Glos.

Show Success

Audience participation is a key feature in this show. (as with all of shows), she loves to get the crowd involved in her performances

...... if you can imagine two men wearing plastic 'Madonna Cones' dancing to ' Like A Virgin', you'll understand the roars of laughter coming from the crowd.





Contact: Tel: 07890 050 748

Email: spirit_of_cher@hotmail.com