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The Voice

The Looks

A remarkable similarity to Cher's voice

Catherine has an outstandingly powerful voice & a remarkably close similarity to Cher's.

You will be amazed at the quality of her voice, she will sing notes that many other Impersonators dare to attempt.

Catherine has received vocal training & advice from some of the top vocal coaches including Carrie Grant & Pers Bristow.

The UK's BEST Cher look-a-like

Catherine spent many years perfecting her make-up to look just like Cher. She also spends hours sourcing the best wigs & props for her shows.

Catherine makes all of her own costumes, they are tailor made & unique. You will not see another Impersonator wearing the same outfit.

She is also blessed with Cher's unique facial features & often gets mistaken for Cher in the street.

"A great figure"

Fabulous costumes require a fabulous figure...Catherine works hard to ensure she looks the best she can for her performances.

Contact: Tel: 07890 050 748

Email: spirit_of_cher@hotmail.com